Stories of Hope & Healing

"Voices of Transformation"

Youth who’ve been through our programmes explain how Sinomlando helped them turn their lives around and find new hope for the future.

On our Stories page, we invite you to journey through the narratives of those who have navigated the challenges of life with courage and resilience, thanks to the transformative programs offered by Sinomlando Centre for Oral History and Memory Work in Africa. Hear firsthand accounts of how Sinomlando has empowered individuals to rise above adversity, reclaim their identities, and forge paths towards brighter futures. Through the power of storytelling, we celebrate the strength found in unity and the healing power of shared experiences.

Please note that names have been changed in order to protect identity.

"In the heart of struggle, hope finds a home."


I had depression.

I was hopeless, feeling worthless, and I felt as if no one really cares. Plus, how am I going to face the world with my HIV status?

Sinomlando gave me hope. I felt worth something. They gave me help, love and support.

Now I know that I’m smart … A leader … Intelligent … And beautiful.

I’m more than the HIV and depression. I am more than anything.


I didn’t have a home or a place to stay.

I had no food, no clothes, no one to look after me. No one cared. So I started smoking.

How did Sinomlando help me?

I joined this organisation in order to get food. But as time went on I listened to other children’s stories.

One day I asked one of the facilitators to listen to my story. I felt relieved because I knew I wasn’t alone.


I had a problem of drug abusing.

I couldn’t see that I was ruining my future. Also drug abuse prevented me from seeing what I was capable of. Actually, what was my dream?

After I met Sinomlando, they made me think back to where I came from, and where I’m heading to. They made me realise that I’m still have a bright future to conquer.

Now I’m living a good life, full of fun.


My challenge was accepting myself, and how I was going to face the world.

I thought I was the only one in this condition. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to live a normal life. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone.

But after meeting Sinomlando I learned that I wasn’t the only one. I was able to share my story.

Now I know I’m no different from anyone. I live a normal life. Life is so good.