Beading, weaving and sewing

Women in this beading and weaving group enjoy camaraderie and the opportunity to create marketable goods.

Skills Development Programme

Many of the people with whom we work come from very poor communities. Resources are limited and unemployment is high. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair as people doubt their ability to escape the cycle of poverty.

In June 2016, we began offering skills development training for parents and unemployed youth. Working with the community, Sinomlando identified items that are in demand within these communities and further afield, which the women could learn to make and sell, thus providing them with a small income.

We provided training and a space were groups of women could gather and work together.

Traditional African rug
Rugs with traditional African designs find a ready market.

Activities include beadwork, rug weaving, sewing traditional attire, laptop bags, and duvet covers, knitting, fabric dying and fabric flower making. Items made by the ladies find a ready market. Apart from providing an income, the craft work is in itself therapeutic – and the opportunity to be part of a group leads to feelings of enhanced wellbeing.

We also offer training in food gardening and poultry farming.