Peer Leadership Mentors

Relationship building encourages the youth to build positive relationships among their peers, families and other groups.

Our Peer Mentors Program is more than just a leadership development initiative; it’s a transformative journey that equips young individuals with the skills and confidence to become active agents of change within their communities. We provide a structured environment that integrates mentorship with practical experience, creating a non-judgmental space that fosters a growth mindset among the youth. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by our participants, including social isolation, lack of guidance, and exposure to adversity, we tailor our services to meet their comprehensive needs.


"Guiding Young Minds, Fostering Growth, Enriching Lives: The Core of Sinomlando's Peer Mentorship Program"

Peer Mentors

As children and youth go through our programmes, there are always those who stand out. They are the ones with confidence. Young people who have ideas and are not afraid to speak out. Those who are always willing to help, and those that others admire and look up to. In short, they have leadership qualities.

Peer Mentorship & Beyond

These specially selected young people are enrolled in our Leadership programme, where they are encouraged, trained and mentored. They learn life and leadership skills, how to work as a team, problem solving, communication, events management, negotiation and report writing. Some will go on to join our Young Reporters (radio) programme. Others will head up our Onjengami Clans.

The presence and the co-facilitation of the camps by the peer leaders brings a positive dynamic in the camps. When they hear from their peers, the youth open up and believe that they can also live positively.

"I was convinced when I saw the peer leaders because they are our age mates and they know the issues that are bugging us." 

Testimony of Participant

Authentic - Peer Mentors

"I would never have believed that someone can stop drugs without taking treatment, I mean medicine. I learnt from the peer leaders testimonies and I also know it is possible for me to stop drugs too."

Testimony of Participant

Authentic - Peer Mentors

Empowering Youth Through Leadership

Discover how Sinomlando's Peer Leaders Program transforms young individuals into agents of change within their communities. Our approach combines education, mentorship, and community engagement to foster resilience and success among our youth.

Meet our Peer Leaders

Young individuals who serve as role models and mentors to their peers. Through their involvement in activities ranging from academic support to community outreach, they inspire hope and resilience, demonstrating that positive change is within reach.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Embark on a transformative journey with Sinomlando’s Peer Mentorship Program. This isn’t just another leadership program—it’s a gateway to becoming an active agent of change in your community. Our unique blend of mentorship and hands-on experience creates a nurturing environment where you can grow, thrive, and prepare to face the world with confidence.

Peer Mentors

Joining our Peer Mentorship Program comes with unparalleled rewards. Not only will you enhance your personal and professional skills, but you’ll also make a tangible difference in the lives of those around you. As a Peer Mentor, you’ll witness firsthand the impact of your efforts, fostering a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose.