Maqongqo Project

Maqongqo Project


Our team attended a Community Conflict and Mediation discussion in Maqongqo, led by Africa Unite. Africa Unite strives to build communities that are conflict free, to enhance social cohesion and promote social economic development within communities in South Africa.

Over 40 community members gathered to address issues in their community, followed by a session where solutions were brainstormed. The discussion kicked off with questions such as, “What is the good you see in your community?” “What is the bad you see in your community?” It is crucial to engage in discussions about your community because this is the only way to make it better.

We listened intently as three groups shared what they thought were the main negative contributors to the “bad” they see in their community; these included unemployment, inefficiency of Home affairs, and high crime rates.

Each presentation included proposals for solutions. Conflicts that exist in our communities are often multi-faceted and complex, thus it is essential that our solutions are creative, inventive and dynamic. Although much needs to be done, we left with an attitude of hope. It is an encouraging sight to see when communities gather to make things better!

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