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Our research began at the School of Religion and Theology, University of KwaSulu-Natl in 1994. Over the past two decades, numerous books and papers have been published, many written and co-written by Sinomlando Centre’s Research Director, Prof Philippe Denis.

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The native school which caused all the trouble by Philippe Denis and Graham Duncan
A history of the Federal Theological Seminary (Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications, 2011)

A journey towards healing by Philippe Denis, Radikobo Ntsimane and Scott Houser (eds)
Stories of people with multiple woundedness in KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg, Cluster Publications, 2011)

Indians versus Russians by Philippe Denis, Radikobo Ntsimane and Thomas Cannell
An oral history of political violence in Nxamalala (1987-1993) (Pietermaritzburg, Cluster Publications, 2010)

L’épidémie du sida en Afrique subsaharienne by Philippe Denis and Charles Becker (eds)
Regards historiens. Louvain-la-Neuve 2006, Academia-Bruylant/Paris, Karthala.
[English version: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa in an Historical Perspective.]

Never too small to remember – Philippe Denis (ed)
Memory Work and Resilience in Times of AIDS (Pietermaritzburg 2005, Cluster Publications)
[French version, revised and enlarged: Les enfants aussi ont une histoire. Travail de mémoire et résilience au temps du SIDA. Paris/Karthala, forthcoming.]

The Power of Oral History: Memory, Healing and Development – Philippe Denis and James Worthington (eds)
XIIth International Oral History Conference, Pietermaritzburg, 24 – 27 June 2002. Pietermaritzburg 2002, Sinomlando Project, 4 vol., 2239 pages.

Orality, Memory & the Past – Philippe Denis (ed)
Listening to the Voices of Black Clergy under Colonialism and Apartheid (Pietermaritzburg 2000, Cluster Publications)

The Casspir and the Cross – Philippe Denis, Thulani Mlotshwa and George Mukuka (eds)
Voices of Black Clergy in the Natal Midlands (Pietermaritzburg 1999, Cluster Publications)

The Making of an Indigenous Clergy in Southern Africa – Philippe Denis (ed.)
Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg, 25 – 25 October 1994. (Pietermaritzburg 1995, Cluster Publications)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Seminar networks and Black Consciousness in the 1970s
South African Historical Journal, 62/1 (2010), 162-82.

Unfinished business
The painful closure of the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa Missionalia 37/1 (April 2009), 5-19.

Introducing History of Christianity to postgraduate theological students
Journal of Constructive Theology, 15/1 (2009), 51-72.

Histoire orale et travail de mémoire dans l
Afrique du Sud contemporaine 6e série, vol. 20 (2009), 75-87.

Men of the Cloth: The Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa, Inkatha and the Struggle against Apartheid
Journal of Southern African Studies, 34/2 (2008), pp. 305-324.

The church’s impact on HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation in South Africa
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, 134 (July 2009), 66-81.

Are Zulu Children Allowed to Ask Questions? Silence, Death and Memory in the Time of AIDS – Benedict Carton, Jabulani Sithole and John Laband (eds)
Zulu Identities. Being Zulu, Past and Present. Pietermaritzburg, University of KwaZulu-Natal Press, 2008, pp. 583-590.

Indians versus Russians
An Oral History of the Political Violence in Nxamalala (1987-1992), Journal of Natal and Zulu History 27 (2007), vol. 24-25 (2006-07), pp. 64-94.

The Ethics of Oral History in South Africa
ESARBICA Journal. Journal of the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council of Archives 26 (2007), pp. 113-132.

Prayers and Rituals to the Ancestors as Vehicles of Resilience
Coping with Political Violence in Nxamalala, Pietermaritzburg (1987-1991), Journal of Theology for Southern Africa128 (July 2007), pp. 37-52.

The contribution of indigenous clergy to evangelisation in Southern Africa
Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae 33/1 (May 2007), pp. 57-69.
[French translation: “La montée de la religion traditionnelle dans l’Afrique du Sud démocratique”, Histoire & Missions Chrétiennes 3 (September 2007), pp. 121-135.]

The rise of traditional African religion in post-apartheid South Africa
Missionalia 34/2-3 (August – November 2006), pp. 310-323.

The Crisis of Marriage in Contemporary South Africa
Grace and Truth 23/1 (2006), pp. 3-8.
[French version: “Le sida et la crise du mariage en Afrique du Sud”, Ethique & Société. Revue de Réflexion Morale, vol. 1, n°2, Bujumbura, 2004, p. 167-182.]

The rocky road to unity: the worship debate at Fedsem during the 1980s
Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae 32/1 (May 2006), pp. 201-231.

Oral history research in the South African context
Journal for Contemporary History, 30/2 (September 2005), pp. 88-100.

Joe Wing and the Theological Federal Seminary (1988-1991) – Steve de Gruchy and Desmond van der Water (eds) (Cluster Publications, 2005).

Spirit Undaunted. The life and legacy of Joe Wing (Pietermaritzburg, Cluster Publications, 2005).

African traditional religion and Christian identity in a group of manyano leaders
Missionalia, 32/2 (2004), pp. 177-189.
[French version : “Chrétiennes et africaines: le dilemme d’un groupe de femmes sud-africaines”, Revue théologique de Louvain, 35 (2004), pp. 54-74]

AIDS and the Crisis of Marriage in South Africa
Grace and Truth 21/1 (2004), pp. 92-100.

We also had to live with apartheid in our homes.
Stories of women in Sobantu, South Africa”, Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae, 30/1 (June 2004), pp. 151-67
[French version: “L’apartheid, nous le vivons à la maison. Paroles de femmes à Pietermaritzburg, Afrique du Sud” – P. Denis and Caroline Sappia (eds), Femmes d’Afrique dans une société en mutation. Louvain-la-Neuve, Academia-Bruylant, 2004, pp. 131-48]

Fedsem ten years later – The unwritten history of an ecumenical seminary
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa 117 (November 2003), pp. 68-79.

Sexuality and AIDS in South Africa
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa 115 (March 2003), pp. 63-77.
[German version: “Sexualität und AIDS in Südafrika”, in Katja Heidemanns and Marco Moerschbacher (eds), Gott vertrauen? AIDS und Theologie im südlichen Afrika (Freiburg, Basel, Wien: Herder, 2005), pp. 40-57.]
[French version: “Sexualité et sida en Afrique du Sud”, Revue d’éthique et de théologie morale(Le Supplément) n° 223, décembre 2002), pp. 63-79]

Oral History in a Wounded Country – J.A. Draper (ed)
Orality, Literacy and Colonialism in Southern Africa. (Semeia Studies, vol. 46). Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature and Pietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications, 2003, pp. 205-216.
[French version : “L’histoire orale dans un pays blessé”, Palabres, 5/1 (2003), pp. 109-122.]

Healing the Wounds of the Past: Oral History in Post-apartheid South Africa
Crossroads of History: Experience, Memory, Orality. XI th International Oral History Conference, Istanbul, June 15-19 2000, Istanbul, Boaziçi University, 2000, pp. 960-65.

Recent Research on the History of Indigenous Clergy in Southern Africa
Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae 25/2 (December 1999), pp. 217-27.

To Disclose or not to Disclose: An Appraisal of the Memory Box Project as a Safe Space for Disclosure of HIV Positive Status by Radikobo Ntsimane
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, Number 125 (July 2006), pp. 7-20.

The absent fathers: Why do men not feature in stories of families affected by HIV/AIDS by Philippe Denis and Radikobo Ntsimane, Linda Richter and Rob Morrell (eds),
Men and fatherhood in South Africa. Pretoria: HSRC Press, 2005, pp. 237-249.

Peacemaking And Reconciliation: The Contribution Of African Indigenous Religious Women In KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, Number 124, November 2005, pp. 34-54.

Dealing With The Trauma Of Sexual Abuse: A Gender-Based Analysis Of The Testimonies Of Female Traditional Healers In KwaZulu-Natal
Journal of Constructive Theology 10/2 (December, 2004), pp. 41-58.

Preservation of oral sources: an analysis of the methods employed by the Sinomlando Project by James Worthington
SA Archives Journal 43 (2003), pp. 33-31.

Stories of Love, Pain and Courage. Aids Orphans and Memory Boxes – by Philippe Denis and Nokhaya Makiwane
Oral History 31/2 (Autumn 2003), pp. 66-74.

Virginity Testing? African Women seeking Resources to Combat HIV/AIDS by Isabel Phiri
Journal of Constructive Theology, 9/1 (July 2003), pp. 63-78.

Children and Memory in the Context of Aids by Nokhaya Makiwane
Bulletin of Contextual Theology in Africa 8/1 (2001), pp. 56-59.

The Making of an Indigenous Clergy: an Oral History Workshop at the School of Theology by Humphrey Mogashoa
Bulletin for Contextual Theology in Southern Africa and Africa 2 (April 1995), pp. 28-31.

The Use of Oral Sources in Church History by Philippe Denis
Bulletin for Contextual Theology in Southern Africa and Africa 2 (April 1995), pp. 32-35.


Religion by Day and Religion by Night – a set of three pamphlets published in 1997 by the Sinomlando Centre. The English versions are available as PDF files. Printed versions in isiZulu can be obtained by mail.