Inspiring our youth

Inspiring our youth


In the communities in which we work, single parent families are common. Where fathers are absent, the burden of providing for the children falls on the mother, who is often poorly paid. So, apart from precious little ‘family’ time, money is tight. Kids are mainly left to their own devices. And – with few if any facilities available to them – experimenting with alcohol and drugs, gangsterism and crime is all too common. Teenage pregnancy is a huge problem, as is dropping out of school, violence in and out of school, and lack of opportunities for employment.

Our youth camps provide rare opportunities for young people to develop life, communication and leadership skills. Over the weekend of 21-23 September, 45 young people and 15 staff participated in a camp at ????. Many new friendships were formed and the kids enjoyed sharing their stories and discussing issues that affect them. They left feeling inspired and challenged to become better people.

Since they come from poor families, these youngsters could not afford to pay for the camp. We are extremely grateful to our generous sponsors, who provided food for the evening meals and even made sleeping bags to ensure the boys and girls spent a cosy and comfortable night! Thank you!

If you are interested in contributing towards the next youth camp, please contact Gracia Makawane on 033 345 6773 or email

Click here for more pictures of the camp.

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